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Seqwog - Frequent Sequence Mining


seqwog (316 kb) GNU/Linux executable
seqwog.exe (227 kb) Windows console executable (155 kb) C sources, version 3.16 (2016.10.15)
seqwog.tar.gz (141 kb)


Seqwog is a program to find frequent sequences without gaps in their occurrences. That is, the items of the frequent subsequences must always be consecutive in the underlying transactions; there must not be other items interspersed between the subsequence items. Subsequences may contain the same item multiple times.

If you have trouble executing the program on Microsoft Windows, check whether you have the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2022 (see under "Other Tools and Frameworks") installed, as the program was compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.