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FIMGUI - Frequent Item Set Mining GUI and Viewer

Download (851 kb) Toolbox with all programs for GNU/Linux (742 kb) Toolbox with all programs for Windows
fimgui.jar (303 kb) executable Java archive, full GUI
isview.jar (193 kb) executable Java archive, only item set viewer
taview.jar (193 kb) executable Java archive, only transaction viewer (2297 kb) Java sources, version 1.7 (2018.11.14)
fimgui.tar.gz (2032 kb)
test.tra (1 kb) Example transaction file


FIMGUI is a graphical user interface for finding frequent item sets with the programs Apriori, Eclat and FP-growth. It contains a simple viewer (also available as a separate program, see above) to display the item sets in a table and supports sorting them according to size, support, and additional evaluation.

Attention: Since the viewer expects certain information about the item sets to be available in the input file (for example, the lift value), the frequent item set mining programs have to be called with the options -g and -v" (%S/%a, %E)" (the graphical user interface automatically adds these options).