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Frequent Item Set Mining and Association Rule Induction for R


fim4r_1.8.tar.gz (787 kb) C sources, version 1.8 (2022.01.09)
fim4r_1.8_R_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz (327 kb) Linux binaries (64 bit)
fim4r_test.R (4 kb) R test program, included in the sources


FIM4R is an extension module that makes several frequent item set mining (FIM) and association rule induction algorithms available as functions in R and also includes functions for generating a pattern spectrum with the help of surrogate data and FIM analysis, for estimating a pattern spectrum and for pattern set reduction.

This extension module was developed for R 3.6.3 and has been tested up to now only on Linux Mint 20. However, there is no reason why it should not work on Microsoft Windows as well, since no Linux-specific functions have been used.

How to use the different functions can be seen in the test program fim4r_test.R made available above (which is also available in the source package). Package documentation is currently a bit sparse, but what is available can be accessed by calling help(fim4r) in R, after loading this extension library with library(fim4r).


To install this extension library, unpack the sources to a new directory and call R CMD INSTALL fim4r in this directory. Note that you may need root or administrator rights for the installation, as R may want to copy some files to its system directories.


More information about frequent item set mining and association rule induction can be found in the following paper:

The use of pattern spectra to evaluate the statistical significance of found frequent item sets is explained in this paper: