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CoCo4R - Continuous-time Closed Neuron Assembly Detection for R


coco4r_1.16.tar.gz (321 kb) C sources, version 1.16 (2019.05.13)
coco4r_1.16_R_x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.tar.gz (224 kb) Linux binaries (64 bit)
coco4r_test.R (1 kb) R test program, included in the sources


CoCo4R is an extension module that makes the CoCoNAD implementation available as a function in R and also includes functions for generating a pattern spectrum with the help of surrogate data and CoCoNAD analysis, for estimating a pattern spectrum and for pattern set reduction.

This extension module was developed for R 3.6.3 and has been tested up to now only on Linux Minit 20. However, there is no reason why it should not work on Microsoft Windows as well, since no Linux-specific functions have been used.

How to use the different functions can be seen in the test program coco4r_test.R made available above (which is also available in the source package). Package documentation is currently a bit sparse, but what is available can be accessed by calling help(coco4r) in R, after loading this extension library with library(coco4r).


To install this extension library, unpack the sources to a new directory and call R CMD INSTALL coco4r in this directory. Note that you may need root or administrator rights for the installation, as R may want to copy some files to its system directories.


More information about the CoCoNAD algorithm can be found in the following papers:

The use of pattern spectra to evaluate the statistical significance of found frequent item sets is explained in these papers (although for standard frequent item set mining, but the idea can be transferred, with a few adaptations, to CoCoNAD):