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BCView - Bayes Classifier Visualization


xbcview (795 kb) GNU/Linux executable
wbcview.exe (346 kb) Windows executable (456 kb) C sources, version 2.2 (2018.10.18)
bcview.tar.gz (406 kb)

Note: The table package contains some auxiliary programs for preprocessing data files.


BCView is a program to visualize the numeric part (i.e., the part with numeric descriptive attributes) of a full or a naive Bayes classifier as they can be induced by the full and naive Bayes classifier programs of the Bayes package, of a cluster set as it can be induced by the fuzzy and probabilistic fuzzy clustering programs of the Cluster package, and of the hidden layer of a radial basis function network as it can be trained with the programs of the radial basis function network package.

If you have trouble executing the program on Microsoft Windows, check whether you have the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2022 installed, as the program was compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.