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HfN - Hopfield Network Demonstration


xhfn (111 kb) GNU/Linux executable
whfn.exe (215 kb) Windows executable (118 kb) C sources, version 1.5 (2018.10.18)
hfnd.tar.gz (107 kb)


A program that demonstrates how Hopfield networks can be used as associative memory. With it two-dimensional bit patterns can be stored in and retrieved from a Hopfield network.

Full description of this program (included in the source package).

HFN screenshot

If you have trouble executing the program on Microsoft Windows, check whether you have the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2022 (see under "Other Tools and Frameworks") installed, as the program was compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2022.

An introduction to neural networks and Hopfield networks in particular can be found in: