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Sequoia - Frequent Sequence Mining


32 bit 64 bit (32/64 bit only for executable)
sequoia (273 kb) sequoia (284 kb) GNU/Linux executable
sequoia.exe (171 kb) sequoia.exe (203 kb) Windows console executable (154 kb) sequoia.tar.gz (140 kb) C sources, version 2.16 (2016.10.15)


Sequoia is a program to find frequent sequences with unique occurrences of items and weight averaging. That is, an item may occur only once in each transaction (and thus also in each found frequent subsequence). The subsequences may contain gaps, that is, there may be additional items in the transactions interspersed with the items of the found subsequences. In addition, each item may be associated with a weight in a transaction. In this case, an average weight of each item in a subsequence is computed as the average over the occurrences of the subsequence.

If you have trouble executing the program on Microsoft Windows, check whether you have the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2017 (see under "Other Tools and Frameworks") installed, as the program was compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2017.