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MLP - Multilayer Perceptron Training


32 bit 64 bit (32/64 bit only for executables) (393 kb) (575 kb) GNU/Linux executables (286 kb) (322 kb) Windows console executables (208 kb) mlp.tar.gz (176 kb) C sources, package version 2.2 (2014.10.24)

Note: The table package contains some auxiliary programs for preprocessing the data files.


MLP is a set of programs to train a multilayer perceptron (an artificial neural network), to execute it to predict outcomes for new data, and to do a sensitivity analysis for a trained network on given data.

More details about these programs (included in the source package).

If you have trouble executing the programs on Microsoft Windows, check whether you have the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Packages for Visual Studio 2015 installed, as the library was compiled with Microsoft Visual Studio 2015.

A graphical user interface to these command line programs (MLPGUI, written in Java) can be found here.

An introduction to neural networks and multilayer perceptrons in particular can be found in: